WVU Young Democrats
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WVU Young Democrats

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About the Organization


President - Marshall Amores

Hola. Me llamo Marshall Amores. I'm a biracial left-hander from the Appalachian Region.
I major in Political Science and minor in Anthropology, Philosophy, and Spanish because I can't seem to make up my mind.
What I can make my mind up on is that I like to write my own songs, enjoy singing and playing rhythm guitar in my band Floor Door Sedan, want to skydive again in the near future, and love the restroom facilities at Tokyo Narita Airport.
I value my ability to speak comfortably in front an audience or strangers which helps me to work effectively within the confines of a group. In addition, it is important to know that I am very easy going and love to meet new people! 
If I can aid in the development of progressive ideals at the campus level and also get more students involved in politics, I believe I will have served my duty as President for the Young Dems.
Say waddup if you see me around.  

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Vice President - Franklin Roberts

Hi, my name is Franklin Roberts. I'm a Senior Political Science and Economics major and I'm from Tampa, FL. I spend most of my time reading, drinking coffee, and quoting Nacho Libre. I joined Young Dems my freshman year and have made some of my best friends through the club, and I am excited that this year is the biggest and most active group that I’ve seen.

Treasurer - Brian Tomblin

Hello, my name is Brian Tomblin. I am a Junior Biomidcal Engineering major from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Amish Country). I am a second-year RA in Arnold Hall and plan to be one my senior year as well! Along with the Young Democrats, I am a part of the WVU Model United Nations and the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Founding Fathers. I am a very argumentative person in that I love political, religious, and philosophical discussions to see what those whom I talk to and I can learn; I feel that if you have a stance on something but cannot back that up with strong conviction and facts, then you should find a new position. When not looking at politics, I enjoy video games, comics, science, and other nerdy stuff! I'm happy to have been a part of the WVU Young Democrats since my Freshman year of college, and I am glad that I can have a role in its prosperity on campus.

Parliamentarian - Justin Click

Hello everyone! My name is Justin Click. I’m a Junior Political Science major with minors in History and Leadership Studies. I was born and raised here in Morgantown, WV and graduated from Morgantown High School in 2013 as a member of the Red and Blue Marching Band. For my first two years at WVU, I was a member of the Pride of West Virginia but found during that time my true calling was politics and found my way to the Young Dems by the end of my freshman year. My passion is advocacy for minority and disparaged groups and as a gay West Virginian, LGBTQ politics is always on my mind. I’ve found myself involved in Women’s Rights and Reproductive Rights advocacy and am also the Vice President of WVU Students for Reproductive Justice. I am honored to be a member of the Young Democrats of West Virginia University and an officer of our Executive Board. I’m so proud of this organization and will always strive to progress the values of the Democratic Party. 

Historian - Angel Mullen 

Hi, my name is Angeline Mullen but most people call me Angel.  I'm a Freshman Political Science major with a minor in Theatre.  I graduated from Hedgesville High School in 2015 and I'm from Martinsburg WV.  In high school I was in our thespian troupe, Asian American culture club, SGA, NHS, and choir.  I enjoy watching movies, doing community service, and laughing at my own jokes.  I take a lot of photos so when I heard the historian position was up for grabs, I was very excited for the opportunity.  I love this club and I hope to always make the WVU Young Dems proud!

Committee & Caucus Chairs

Executive Positions:

  • Political Chair- Justin Click
  • Party Fun Time Chair-Matt Golub 
  • Community Service Chair - Chrissy Packtor